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The structure of the mud sand and stone separator

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Mud sand and stone separators are an indispensable part of the construction industry. This type of mud sand and stone separator can significantly improve the efficiency of work. The water supply system adopts circulating water for cleaning work, which can basically achieve zero discharge of sewage.At the same time, there will be no waste of water resources, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.Today, the editor of Shuguang Machinery will tell you the structural analysis of this kind of mud sand and stone separator.
The mud sand and stone separator has a spiral screen. The design has an automatic tilt at one end that can be used to fix the forward direction of the sand and gravel. It can also make the sand and gravel pass through the screening and at the same time facilitate the water jet cleaning and separation work, which is convenient for the sand. Separate from mud, the conveying of mud sand and stone separator is also beneficial to the protection of the machine body. The inner wall of the conveying pattern is asymmetrical installation design, which can prevent long-term wear after accumulating materials, and also allow the materials to be separated when they are separated. To sufficient dehydration work, the full use of water can be ensured.
The mud sand and stone separator can also use the electrical system to make the sand and gravel separation process into a fully automatic processing process. Even the internal faults can be displayed on the screen, which improves the stability of the mud sand and stone separator to a certain extent and is affected by the weather. The possibility of impact will also be greatly reduced.
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