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The necessity of frequent cleaning of mud sand and gravel separator

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The mud sand and gravel separator is mainly used for the separation of sand and gravel mixed with waste concrete, so it is this kind of mixture that has more contact. During use, the waste outlet needs to be cleaned regularly. For example, cleaning the sewage outlet once a month is mainly to prevent clogging caused by mud agglomeration.
The cleaning frequency can be adjusted in conjunction with the frequency of use and seasonal factors. For example, during winter cleaning, frozen sand and gravel separators may occur. Whether to consider increasing the water temperature; in summer, it is very hot, so directly flushing with clean water can meet the requirements.
Material elements: Due to the hardness, size and composition of the material, these unavoidable factors will cause the abrasion of the mud sand and gravel separator. Some effective methods can be taken to reduce this effect. Due to the requirements of environmental protection, the remaining sewage cannot be discharged to land or anywhere. Therefore, collection and treatment can only be carried out in the mixing station, and a car washing platform and a sedimentation tank can be set up, so that the sewage treatment problem can be treated without sand and gravel.
Therefore, cleaning the mud sand and gravel separator is conducive to the stable operation of the equipment, and the failure rate will also be reduced. Operators need to cultivate maintenance awareness, improve operational standards, and create more value for the enterprise.
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