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What factors will cause the improper operation of the concrete gravel separator

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When it is found that the concrete sand and gravel separator is not running, try to find out the cause and solve it. The following editor will introduce which reasons will affect the normal operation of the gravel separator.
1. The temperature is too high or too low: it will affect the normal operation of the concrete gravel separator. The equipment needs to be preheated in advance before the operation of the equipment under low temperature conditions to prevent the sand and gravel separation equipment from being overloaded at low temperatures; the cooling system of the sand and gravel separator should also be ensured under high temperature conditions. It can operate normally, and do a manual forced cooling method, and try to keep the equipment in a cool place.
2. Impurity elements: Impurities are mainly divided into two categories. One is the impurity that enters from the outside world: soil, dust and unbreakable impurities mixed in the material; the other is the metal shavings generated by the sand and gravel separator itself. Impurities such as wear products. When the presence of impurities is found, the operator should do a good job of on-site protection, check the equipment on time, and replace damaged parts in time.
3. Material elements: The hardness, size and composition of the material will cause wear and tear on the concrete gravel separator, but this effect is difficult to prevent. Users can only take some effective methods to minimize the impact.
After fully understanding the above elements, the operator can deliberately conduct investigations, select precautions, and extend the service life of the concrete gravel separator.
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