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Treatment of waste material in mixing plant by sand and gravel separator

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The machine is designed with advanced sand and gravel separator technology, combined with the characteristics of drum separation and spiral screening separation, and made a lot of improvements to the vulnerable parts. It has simple operation and the mixing station of the gravel separator produces daily production. After the end, a large amount of waste concrete will remain. How to clean and recycle these waste resources?
After the concrete production and supply are completed, the remaining concrete in the mixer, mixer truck and concrete pump truck needs to be cleaned and discharged. We all know that the sand and gravel separator can effectively separate the gravel and realize the recycling. The separated gravel is the same as before.
Due to environmental protection requirements, the remaining sewage cannot be discharged to land or anywhere, and can only be treated in a centralized mixing station. When the concrete gravel separator is poured, a car washing platform and a sedimentation tank are set up. This operation can separate the gravel and solve the sewage treatment problem.
Through the above introduction, we understand that in order to save costs and achieve environmental protection, it is very important to purchase excellent sand and gravel separator equipment. We hope that this answer will help you operate the equipment. If you have any other questions, please call us.
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