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What factors will cause the damage and deformation of the sand and gravel separator

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The gravel separator will be damaged and deformed during construction. What caused the damage and deformation of the sand separator? The following are the reasons for the damage and deformation of the sand separator and the corresponding solutions.


1. Excessive wear of the bearing or poor assembly causes the rotors of the sand separator to rub against each other, resulting in damage to the surface of the iron core, which in turn will cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets. At this time, fine files and other tools should be used to remove the burrs and short circuits of the silicon steel sheet. After cleaning, it should be coated with insulating varnish and heated to dry.


2. Excessive force was used when removing the old winding, which caused the stolen slot to be skewed and opened outwards. At this time, tools such as needle-nose pliers or wooden hammers should be used for trimming and resetting, and hard insulating materials such as green shell paper and plastic plates should be added between the silicon steel sheets that are not easy to reset.


3. The surface of the iron core of the sand-gravel separator will rust if it gets wet. At this point, it needs to be polished and cleaned with sandpaper first and then coated with an insulating coating.


4. High heat burns iron core particles or teeth caused by grounding around the group. You can use tools such as a chisel or scraper to remove the deposits, apply insulating varnish and dry.


5. The combination of the iron core and the frame is loose, and the original set screws can be tightened. If the positioning screw fails, you can re-drill and tap the positioning hole on the base, and then tighten the positioning screw.


The above reasons will cause damage and deformation of the gravel separator. When using separation equipment, we can perform corresponding inspection and maintenance in accordance with the above methods and operations.


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