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Instructions for Use of sand and gravel separator

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The instructions for using sand and gravel separator for concrete must remember the following safety precautions.

1. It is strictly forbidden to strain the cable;

2. It is strictly forbidden to use electricity to move, repair and clean the separator;

3. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to adjust the text at will;

4. During the operation of the separator, it is forbidden to open the lid for classification and maintenance;

5. It is strictly forbidden to separate sand and gravel with a separator in the state of anhydrous filling;

6. When separating a large amount of concrete, it is forbidden to discharge too much and too fast, which will affect the separation effect;

7. When not in use for a long time, clean with water;

8. Before the test, the bearings must be filled with lubricating oil, and the reducer must be filled with anti-wear gear oil.

The above are some instructions for the use of concrete sand and gravel separators. If you have any other questions, please contact us by phone.


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