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Causes and solutions for the blockage of the sand and gravel separator

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One of the unavoidable situations when using a gravel separator is clogging, which will cause considerable damage to the entire equipment. Therefore, we need to clean him up in time. Let's see how to deal with this situation.


1. The design defect of the separator itself and the improper use of the operator: In this case, it is necessary to check the improper parts installed on the separator and replace the parts with design defects as soon as possible. If it is an operator's problem, an operator should be hired to run and maintain the separator.


2. Feeding too fast during operation: The separator is overloaded, causing it to be blocked by internal processing. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the regulations during the operation to avoid the overload operation of the gravel separator. Long-term overload operation can easily burn out the motor of the separator. The separator should control the following factors to prevent clogging:


1. Choose a pump with appropriate power and pipe size to increase the flow rate of sewage and reduce sedimentation through flow and friction;


2. There are fewer elbows in the pipeline erection, and no elbows larger than 45 degrees are used, which reduces the momentum consumption of the water flow and the uneven flow velocity caused by the elbows, and avoids the siltation caused by the dead angle of the flow;


3. Grasp the slope (> 1/10) of the pipeline erection of the sand-gravel separator, stop the pump pipeline, and return the sewage to the mixing tank by gravity flow instead of staying in the pipeline to cause precipitation.


For the blockage of the gravel separator, we need to find out and solve it in time. And during use, the equipment should be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the parts of the equipment should be checked for daily handling and use.


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