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Introduction to the role of sand and gravel separator

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Is the sand and gravel separator energy-saving and environmentally friendly? The sand-gravel separator is used for the cleaning of concrete mixing plant turnover mixer trucks and the separation, collection and reuse of sand, stone, mud, etc., which are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also economical high. The energy saving and environmental protection of sand and gravel separator are mainly reflected in:
The sand and gravel separator can recycle waste materials. We must know that from the production to the pouring process of concrete, it is impossible to completely guarantee its quality up to the standard for a long time. Various factors will cause the quality to fail to meet the standards and become waste. For example, during the transportation of concrete, vehicle failures were not dealt with in time, which resulted in too long the concrete shelving time, and the concrete had initially set before reaching the construction site, resulting in waste. At this time, you can purchase a sand and gravel separator so that the waste can be cleaned by the sand and gravel separator to separate the sand and stone for recycling. Avoid the accumulation of a large amount of solid waste, energy saving and environmental protection kill two birds with one stone.
In addition, the sand and gravel separator is used for the cleaning of the mixer truck of the concrete mixing plant and the separation and recycling of remaining waste concrete, sand and water. The use of the sand and gravel separator can solve the problem of waste concrete pollution and save resources. The sand and gravel separator can not only separate and clean the sand, stone, and slurry water in the waste concrete in the mixer truck at one time, but also ensure the reuse of sand, stone and water. The sewage passes through the three-stage sedimentation tank and is pumped into it after precipitation. Recycling inside the machine realizes zero discharge of sewage, which not only saves resources but also protects the environment. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly in the sense. It is an ideal environmentally friendly energy-saving product for concrete mixing plants.
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