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What are the principles for selecting sand and gravel separators

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The indispensable mechanical equipment in the concrete mixer station is the sand and gravel separation equipment. At this stage, there are various types and everything on the market. There are integral and separated forms, and the styles include drums, spirals and vibrating screens.Combining the sedimentation tank, filter press and slurry water recycling system, the price ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions, making it difficult for users to make the right choice.


Sand and gravel separator is a common mechanical equipment suitable for concrete mixing plants, and of course its use has gradually increased. Next, please let a professional manufacturer of sand and gravel separators introduce to you the basic principles that need to be paid special attention to when using gravel separator machinery and equipment!


1. The separation efficiency of sand and gravel is high. Only in terms of separation efficiency, the equipment operates efficiently and the separation speed is relatively fast. However, as the same separation equipment, the separation efficiency of sand and gravel separators from different manufacturers are also different;


2. Applicability, sand separator can meet the standard of use of mixer station, can process materials well (transport, convey, separate, discharge, etc.), and can meet the basic requirements of processing capacity, sand separation quality, etc.


3. Sand and gravel separation equipment that saves investment and completes the same function. In some cases, the cost varies greatly and should be used by the lower one;


4. Operating costs are low, and operating costs such as equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, and accessories costs should be as low as possible;


5. First choose machinery and equipment with simple structure, abundant supply of spare parts, high stability, and long service life;


6. The energy consumption is low, and the energy consumption indicators of different separation equipment are also different, so careful consideration should be given to the selection.


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