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Analysis of matters needing attention in the use of Raymond mill

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Proper use and maintenance of the Raymond mill is a key condition for improving the milling efficiency and maintaining the equipment's durability. Here, we briefly summarize the matters needing attention in the use of Raymond mill.


1. During the operation of the Raymond mill, a fixed person must be supervised. Operators must go through professional technical training before taking up their posts, be proficient in the structural features and working principles of the equipment, and have a certain ability to deal with emergencies.

Regardless of whether the Raymond mill is turned on or off, the correct power-on sequence must be strictly observed to prevent adverse effects on the equipment and cause the milling operation to fail to work normally.


2. For the newly installed Raymond pulverizer, two steps should be carried out: empty test operation and load test, so as to find potential problems in time during the test and solve them reasonably,in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Raymond mill after it is officially put into production.


3. After the Raymond mill has been running for a period of time, maintenance work should be carried out, and lubricating grease should be added regularly and quantitatively to ensure the flexibility of component operation. At the same time, timely repair and replacement of vulnerable parts such as grinding rollers, grinding rings, blades, etc. are carried out. In particular, the connecting bolts and nut plugs should be carefully checked before and after the use of the grinding roller device to prevent loosening.


4. When the grinding roller device of Raymond mill has been used for more than 500 hours, the grinding roller should be replaced. When replacing, read the cleaning of each rolling bearing in the grinding roller sleeve, and add lubricating grease in time after replacement.


5. If the grinding operation of the Raymond mill ends, clean up the inside and outside of the equipment in time to prevent residual materials from damaging the equipment. Cover the equipment in rainy weather to avoid corrosion of parts.


In short, correct and standardized operation, coupled with reasonable maintenance, are important measures to improve the working performance of the mill and prolong the service life of the equipment.


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