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What is the use of kaolin after grinding

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Kaolin is a kind of non-metallic minerals, mainly clay and clay rock of kaolinite group clay minerals. After being mechanically pulverized and pulverized, it is generally about 80-1000 mesh. It is white, fine, soft and soft. The return on investment is It keeps increasing, what is the use of kaolin after grinding?
Kaolin is a common and very important clay mineral in nature. It has good plasticity, cohesiveness, certain dry strength, sinterability and whiteness after firing.
After being processed by the mill, the brightness, whiteness, particle size distribution, etc. are more in line with the quality standards, so the application field is very wide.
1. Ceramic industry: Mainly used as ceramic raw materials, and the general dosage is 20%-30% of the formula to make various types of ceramics;
2. Refractory material: Because of its better fire resistance, it can be used to make optical glass, glass fiber crucibles and laboratory crucibles, and lower purity can be used to make refractory bricks, refractory mud and other materials;
3. Used in papermaking: as a filler for paper, greatly improving the whiteness and smoothness of paper;
4. Used in rubber: used as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber to improve the strength and acid resistance of rubber;
5. Used in petrochemical industry: it can be made into molecular sieve for synthetic chemical industry as adsorbent, and it can also be used as a catalyst for petroleum cracking;
6. The field of national defense: nuclear reactors, jet aircraft, rocket fuel chambers and nozzles all require high-quality kaolin.
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