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How many kilowatts of motor should 4r Raymond mill be equipped with

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Regardless of the grinding production line or the crushing production, the motor is the necessary supporting equipment. The size of the motor affects the operation of the crushing and grinding equipment and the power consumption of the enterprise. For the production enterprise, at the beginning of the purchase of the equipment,in addition to considering the quality and price of the 4r Raymond mill, another important issue is the size of the equipment motor.


Why are customers so concerned about the size of the 4r Raymond mill motor?

First of all, everyone knows that production costs include machine cost and operating cost. The greater the motor function, the greater the power consumption, the greater the cost.Therefore, investors will have a certain plan for the costs incurred in production and operation to see whether they can meet their initial budget standards.


Secondly, the size of the motor is also a standard for comparing the quality and low price of different manufacturers. Under the premise of meeting the same output and quality of the finished product, the more energy-saving the better.


Finally, environmental protection and energy conservation is a hot topic nowadays. Not only mine milling equipment, even small appliances for household appliances also pay great attention to energy-saving performance.How to overcome the technical bottleneck and develop a new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency Raymond mill is also an issue that the manufacturer attaches great importance to.


What is the motor power of 4r Raymond pulverizer? The 4r Raymond machine motor consists of six parts, the main engine, the analyzer, the hoist, the blower, the jaw crusher, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, etc. Let's take a look at them one by one.


 Main motor: Link the rotating part of the main machine of the 4r Raymond mill, which is the driving force for the grinding process of the roller grinding ring. The main machine power of the 4r thunder mill is about 90KW, and the main machine motor is necessary for the grinding production line.


Analyzer motor: The analyzer is equally important as the host. The former realizes grinding and crushing, while the latter screens and selects powder. The kinetic energy strength of this motor does not require the size of the host, as long as it meets the blade drive of the analyzer, so the power is 18.5KW.


Hoist motor: The hoist is the main conveying equipment linking the silo and the jaw crusher. The power is also as low as about 3KW, and the hoist is optional.Therefore, the motor is not a necessary equipment for the milling process.


Blower motor: The blower is softly connected to the volute port of the main machine, from which a large amount of wind is blown into the air inlet, and then enters the grinding chamber, and then the grinding material is taken away to the analyzer for screening.Then the qualified materials after screening are transported to the silo through the pipeline to complete the entire material transportation and screening process.Therefore, the energy loss is large, and the corresponding motor power is high. The power of the 4R Raymond mill fan is about 110KW.


Jaw crusher motor: The reason why the jaw crusher appears in the grinding line is because the raw material particles are large, and the preliminary crushing treatment is required. Therefore, if the fineness can be directly suitable for the grinding of the 4r Raymond mill, there is no need to equip the jaw crusher. It is agreed that the motor can be optional, usually equipped with a small jaw breaker with a power of 15KW.


Electromagnetic vibrating feeder motor: Although the electromagnetic feeder is not a necessary machine for the Raymond mill, it is recommended that you better equip it, because the uniform feeding affects the operation of the Raymond mill, the quality of the finished product, the output and many other problems, and the manual feeding is difficult For control, whether small mills or large ore mills are better equipped with this automatic feeding device, the power of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is about 150KW.


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