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How to choose grinding balls suitable for ball mills

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What kind of steel ball is best for a ball mill?

1. Impact force: When the impact energy generated by the steel ball exceeds the strength limit of the material, the material is pulverized, but the excessive impact force is applied to the ball mill liner, the stress of the cylinder is also increased, and the energy consumption is also large. Therefore, when selecting a steel ball, its impact factor must be considered in the first place.

2. Grinding force: During the operation of the steel slag ball mill, the surface area of ​​the steel ball is mainly increased by the surface area of ​​the steel ball, thereby improving the grinding efficiency, especially for the fine grinding bin which is ground by the grinding action. Main.

3. Storage capacity and extrusion force: Through the size ball grading, reduce the gap between the steel balls, increase the bulk density of the steel ball, so that it has the proper storage capacity. On the one hand, it can control the flow rate of the material in the mill, extend the residence time, so as to obtain sufficient grinding; on the other hand, the material is extruded to facilitate the impact pulverization of the large ball.

4. Number of impacts: The number of times is the main means to improve the fineness and yield of grinding. Increase the number of impacts by reducing the ball diameter and increasing the number of balls, which is necessary for impact and grinding. The impact force, number of impacts and storage capacity of the steel ball depend on the ball diameter of the ball mill. When the loading amount is the same, the larger the average spherical diameter, the stronger the impact force, the larger the void ratio, the faster the flow velocity, but the number of impacts decreases, and the storage capacity becomes weak.

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