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How to deal with the blockage during the operation of the micro powder grinding mill

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The micro powder grinding mill will have some problems after a long period of use. For example, the micro powder mill machine is one of the common failures in the use of the mills. Then, in the process of equipment operation, how to eliminate and solve the blockage problem?
Improper design
The clogging phenomenon of the grinding mill may be a problem in the design of the implement, but it is more caused by improper operation. Therefore, when selecting a micro-powder, the user needs to understand whether the structural design is reasonable and test the machine.

Poor discharge pipe
When the discharge pipe is not smooth, the tuyere of the micro-powder will be blocked. Therefore, when smashing the material, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of the material to be cut, and the hardness of the material to prevent the pipe from being clogged.
In addition, too much material will cause insufficient grinding of the fine powder, and the finished powder can not be discharged in the circulation duct under the action of the blower in time. The increased working load of the blower causes the powdery material to accumulate in the air duct, resulting in the air duct. The situation of blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure continuous feeding even when feeding the micro-powder, and avoid the phenomenon of air passage blockage.
Device does not match
Improper matching with the conveying equipment will result in weakening of the discharge duct wind or blockage after no wind. After the fault is detected, the conveying equipment whose delivery port is not matched shall be cleared first, and the feeding amount shall be adjusted to make the equipment operate normally.
Therefore, the broken and severely aged hammers should be regularly updated to keep the mill in good working condition, and the screen should be inspected regularly. The pulverized material content should be lower than 14%, which can improve the production efficiency and make the micro-powder not Blockage, enhance the reliability of the work of the crusher.

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