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What’s the output of Jaw crusher

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The jaw crusher is a gravel processing equipment of various ore with high technical content. It has many advantages such as compact structure, energy saving, high production efficiency, low cost, etc. It has many industrial fields such as building materials, construction, road and railway. Very broad development prospects. When selecting the jaw crusher, the majority of users, in addition to the price of the equipment, are also very concerned about the output of the jaw crusher. What is the output of the jaw crusher?
Production is the performance of a piece of equipment. The higher the output, the higher the benefits that can be created for the user. The jaw crusher is a device for crushing various ores with high hardness and large blocks, and there are many factors affecting the output.

1. The manufacturer's technical level
With the increasing demand for jaw crushers in the industrial field, a large number of manufacturers have appeared, and their production techniques have certain differences. Under normal circumstances, professional manufacturers are more likely to produce high-yield equipment, while equipment with relatively backward technology produces a slightly lower output.

2.The quality of the equipment itself
The quality of the jaw crusher will not only affect the crushing effect of the equipment, but also have a direct impact on the output. If the quality of the equipment is not enough, then the vibration, shutdown and other faults will easily occur during operation, which will affect the equipment. Normal operation leads to a decline in production. It can be seen that the quality of the equipment has a great impact on the increase in output.

3.Material hardness
When the material to be crushed is hard, it has a great influence on the output. Such material is very difficult to break up, it takes a long time, and the output is not high; and those materials with lower hardness are unit time. The production within is naturally high.

4.Operational proficiency
The operator's operational proficiency affects the output of the equipment. The experienced workers are not prone to errors in the operation process, and the control of the equipment is more proficient, so that the output of the equipment is not affected, and those inexperienced operators, There are many operational errors and the output will be greatly affected.

The hourly output of the jaw crusher produced by Shuguang Heavy Industry is still higher than before, and it is favored by the majority of users. The reasons for the high output of the equipment are as follows:

1. All parts are made of high wear-resistant materials, which make the equipment wear and compression resistance strong, the probability of failure during operation is very low, the operation is more stable, and the output is also Very high.

2. The produced jaw crusher has a very high technical content, and the details of the production are handled in a very good way, and the production experience is also very rich, so the output of the produced equipment is also guaranteed.

3. The technical parameters are reasonable and adaptable. It can crush and process the ore of various hardness, and there will be no problems such as blockage during operation, which ensures the normal and smooth operation of the equipment.

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