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What is the baryte mill machine

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The baryte mill machine is a new generation of milling equipment based on the traditional Raymond mill. It is the most commonly used industrial mill, which is suitable for various mineral powder preparation and pulverized coal preparation. For example, fine powder processing of raw materials, gypsum mines, coal and other materials.
From the shape, the baryte mill machine is erected like a steel container with air inlet and outlet, and a feed port in the middle. The shape is similar to the traditional Raymond mill.  The lower part of the baryte mill has a motor to drive the internal grinding rod and the grinding disc to rotate. The material needs to be ground or ground, and the finished material is blown up by the wind at the air inlet. The upper part of the mill has a separator, which can separate the coarse and fine powder. The collection is then carried out by the air outlet through the wind passing through the mill. The device has higher efficiency than the ball mill, low power consumption, small floor space and less one-time investment.
Baryte mill machine features
1. The baryte mill adopts a three-dimensional structure and has a small footprint compared with the ball mill;
2.The complete set of strong, from the block material to the finished powder independently into a production system;
3.The scope of application is large, can be ground for a variety of materials with hardness below 7.
4. Under the action of the high-pressure spring, plus the vertical squirrel cage analyzer structure, the passing rate of the finished product is greatly improved, and there is no obvious granular shape.
5.Self-contained system, less production links, materials below 25mm can be directly processed into the machine.
The baryte is mainly used in the petroleum, chemical, paint, filler and other industrial sectors after the baryte milling mechanism powder, of which 80-90% is used as a mud weighting agent in oil drilling.

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