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Knowledge about optimization cement ball mill for high quality and high yield

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In the production process of cement ball mill, the mill is one of the key equipment for manufacturing cement. The power consumption of the mill accounts for 60%~70% of the comprehensive power consumption of the cement. If the cement mill is properly configured, it can make up for some defects of the cement clinker. It is also very important for cement enterprises to achieve high quality, high yield and low consumption. But how to optimize the cement mill to make it high quality and high yield?

1. Reduce the size of the grinding material
In the past few years, the grain size of cement has not been valued by cement companies. In recent years, the cement grinding process has raised the grinding grain size of cement to an important position. The idea of ​​“breaking more and less grinding” has been recognized by the industry. “More and less grinding” means the 30mm material that originally entered the mill. The diameter is changed to 3mm or less.

2. Optimize the grinding process
The cement grinding process is mainly divided into open circuit and closed circuit systems. The traditional factory used to produce cement with an open circuit system. The fineness of the cement is not easy to control and the fluctuation is large. Later, the open-circuit grinding system was changed to a closed-circuit grinding system, and a high-efficiency rotor classifier was added to update a high-efficiency bag filter, which played a good role in improving the specific surface area of cement and increasing the strength of cement.

3. Control the moisture and temperature of the material
Controlling the comprehensive moisture content of the milled material is <1.5%, which is the basic requirement for ensuring the high quality and high yield of the mill. If the moisture content of the grinding material is too high, it will cause the rolling press to squeeze the cake too hard and not easy to break up; at the same time, it will easily cause poor ventilation inside the grinding machine, block the compartment board, the slab, paste ball, paste liner, dust collector Condensation and so on.

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