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Structure and features of griotte Raymond mill

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What structure is included in the main part of the griotte Raymond mill, and what features about it? 

The complete structure of griotte Raymond Mill is composed of main machine, analysis machine, pipeline device, blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electronically controlled motor. The Raymond mill main body is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, a casing and a motor. During the work, the material to be pulverized is fed into the machine from the feeding hopper on the side of the hood, and the grinding roller device suspended on the main stand of the main machine is revolved around the vertical axis, and at the same time rotates by itself, due to the centrifugal force during rotation, The grinding roller swings outward, pressing against the grinding ring, so that the blade shovel the material to the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the purpose of pulverizing the material is achieved by the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller.

Griotte Raymond mill features outstanding features:
The whole machine is a three-dimensional structure, with a small footprint and strong system. From raw material roughing to conveying to milling and packaging, it can be a self-contained production system. The fineness of the finished powder is uniform, and the screening rate is as high as 99%.

The machine transmission adopts a closed gear box and pulley, which makes the transmission smooth and reliable. The core components are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials with high wear resistance and cost savings.

With a centralized control of the electrical system, the workshop can basically achieve unmanned operation. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used for feeding, continuous and uniform, easy to adjust, saves fuel and electricity, and is convenient to maintain.

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