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Advantages of the Kaolinite Raymond mill

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Kaolinite is a very important and very important clay mineral in nature. It is formed by weathering of feldspar or other sulphate minerals in igneous and metamorphic rocks in an acidic medium lacking alkali metals and alkaline earth metals. It can be widely used in papermaking, ceramics and refractory materials after processing in kaolin soil Raymond mill, followed by coatings, rubber fillers, enamel glazes and white cement raw materials, and a small amount for plastics, paints, pigments, grinding wheels, chemicals. Industrial sectors such as building materials. It is very versatile.
Kaolinite Raymond Mill is a new generation of milling equipment based on the traditional Raymond mill. It is a commonly used industrial pulverizer. From the shape, the kaolin Raymond mill is erected like a steel container. Inlet and outlet, there is a feed port in the middle. The shape is similar to the traditional Raymond mill. It is widely used in various mineral powder preparation and pulverized coal preparation, such as fine powder processing of raw materials, gypsum mines, coal and other materials.The advantages are described below,
Kaolinite Raymond Mill Advantages
1. High milling efficiency:
According to the root statistics, the equipment is 35% higher than that of similar equipment.
2. Strong set:
From the block to the finished powder, it is a self-contained production system.
3. Product quality:
Under the action of the high-pressure spring and the vertical squirrel cage analyzer structure, the passing rate of the finished product is greatly improved, and there is no obvious granularity.
4. Low investment:
Kaolinite Raymond has low power consumption, small floor space and low investment.

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