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The workflow of the Kaolinite Raymond mill

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Kaolinite is a high quality aluminosilicate mineral with good plasticity, water absorption, electrical insulation and fire resistance.
Kaolinite usually needs to be processed by special equipment. The Raymond mill is a must-have milling equipment in the processing of kaolinite. The Shuguang Heavy Industry technical experts specially developed the properties of kaolinite. Lingshi Raymond Mill has a significant advantage in both structure and performance. It is very popular among kaolinite processing plants. The workflow of this kaolinite Raymond mill is simple. Introduction.
Kaolinite Raymond mill is mainly composed of electric motor, reducer, grinding ring, grinding wheel, grinding roller, wear-resistant lining, classifier, fixed bracket, feeding system and lubrication system.
The kaolinite Raymond mill mainly relies on the mutual extrusion of the roller and the grinding ring to complete the milling operation. During operation, the transmission drives the roller shaft on the plum blossom frame to perform a rapid rotary motion, and the grinding roller acts as a stationary grinding ring. When the kaolinite is fed into the body by the feeding device, the front end of the roller is also tilted with a blade, and the continuous kaolinite is fed into the grinding zone between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, since the grinding roller is made along the central axis. In the revolutionary movement, it continuously rolls outward and gradually approaches the grinding ring and presses against the grinding ring. At this time, the kaolinite material mixed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is crushed by the pressing action. This completes the entire grinding work.
The kaolinite Raymond mill produced by Shuguang Heavy Industry allows you to worry about the quality of the equipment, and you don't have to worry about the high price. It will bring you satisfactory benefits and create great value.

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