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Causes and solutions for the blockage of kaolinite Raymond mill

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Kaolin Raymond Mill is a grinding equipment for grinding kaolin with higher working efficiency and finer fineness. In the kaolin Raymond mill grinding powder, various failures will occur, which will affect the smooth operation of the milling operation. Blockage is one of the common ones. So, what are the causes and solutions for the blockage of kaolinite Raymond  mill?
1. The feed size is too large. If the ore material is too large in size, it will easily cause the material to become stuck at the inlet during the feeding process, which directly causes the kaolin to be blocked. To this end, we must strictly control the feed particle size, so as to avoid the high-pressure Raymond mill blockage caused by the excessive particle size of the material.
2. The feed is too fast to cause blockage. When the staff feeds the ore high-pressure Raymond mill too fast, it will cause the material in the grinding chamber to gather, thus reducing the production capacity of the equipment, and finally causing blockage of the kaolin Raymond mill. Therefore, if it is caused by the feeding, the user should first clear the material of the feed port and change the feeding mode. The purpose of adjusting the feed rate can be achieved by increasing the feed amount of the feeder to prevent the kaolinite. Grinded and blocked.
3. Equipment load operation. Any equipment has a certain load limit. Once the kaolin Raymond mill is in excess operation for a long time, it will cause the equipment to be blocked due to excessive load. At the same time, overload operation will also cause the motor to overload, and in severe cases, the motor will burn out, affecting the normal operation of the milling equipment. Therefore, when we use the kaolinite Raymond mill, we must choose the appropriate Raymond mill model according to the actual situation, and the current of the equipment is controlled at 85% of the rated current to improve the blockage.
In addition to the above points, if the kaolinite Raymond mill parts are aged, it is easy to cause the powder production to form a blockage. Therefore, in the daily use of the kaolinite Raymond mill, we must pay attention to the maintenance work of the equipment, and regularly check the working performance of each component to avoid the blockage caused by the aging of the components.

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