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Characteristics of kaolinite Raymond mill

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Kaolinite Raymond Mill is specially developed for the characteristics of kaolinite. It is mainly composed of main engine, analyzer, fan, finished cyclone analyzer, fine powder cyclone and air duct. Among them, the main body is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring and a cover. So, what characteristics does it have?

1. The whole machine is a vertical structure with small floor space and strong system. From rough processing of raw materials to conveying to milling and final packaging, it can be an independent production system.
2. Compared with other milling equipment, the screening rate is as high as 99%;
3. The kaolinite Raymond mill main engine transmission device adopts a closed gear box and pulley, which has stable transmission and reliable operation;
4. The important parts of the kaolinite Raymond mill are made of high-quality carbon parts and profiles. The craftsmanship is fine and the rigorous process ensures the durability of the whole set of equipment;
5. The electrical system adopts centralized control, and the grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation and convenient maintenance.

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