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Specific classification of kaolinite

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 Kaolinite is mainly used in the papermaking, ceramics, rubber, plastics, coatings and paint industries. It is also indispensable for some special processing nano-materials. Because of its high processing value and high profit of finished products,many  mining and processing enterprises are processing kaolinite.Understanding the classification of kaolinite is beneficial to better selection of processing equipment. The following is a description of the classification of kaolinite.

1. Coal-based kaolinite
The kaolinite in the form of a pinch, a top plate or a separate layer in the coal seam. The main component is kaolinite, which is generally organic carbonaceous, grayish black or brown.
2. Sandy kaolinite
Contains soil-like kaolinite, but the sandy content is above 50%, and the plasticity is weak.
3. Hard kaolinite
The unweathered block kaolinite is finely malleable after being ground by kaolinite.
4.Soft kaolinite
It is mainly composed of soil-like kaolinite, with a sandy content of less than 50% and a strong plasticity.
5. Washed kaolinite
A product obtained by dispersing soft or sandy kaolinite in water after removal of its associated sandy minerals.
6. Calcined kaolinite
A product formed by calcination of kaolin as a raw material at a high temperature of 900 ° C or higher.
7. Metakaolinite
The product formed by calcining the structural water at a suitable temperature (600 ° C - 900 ° C) using kaolinite as a raw material.
8. Fine kaolinite
Fine kaolinite refers to kaolinite deep processing products prepared by purification, ultrafine, calcination, modification and compounding of kaolinite.
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