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How to choose the right dry powder mixer machine

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Dry powder mixer machine is an indispensable equipment in industrial production, but many people are confused when purchasing. How to choose a dry powder mixer machine suitable for you?

Here, Shuguang Heavy Industry sums up the following points based on the customer's experience in purchasing dry powder mixers for many years:

1. Purchase a larger capacity dry powder mixer. Generally, at the time of purchase, people will purchase a dry powder mixer that meets the current production capacity according to their actual production capacity.But everyone ignores that the dry powder mixer is a device that can be used for a long time, but the output is increasing. If you buy a dry powder mixer that can meet the current production, then after the output increases, you need to re-purchase the larger capacity, which will cause unnecessary waste;

2. Purchase the most advanced dry powder mixer. At present, the most advanced is the automatic dry powder mixer, with automatic weighing and measuring function, free of manual weighing, valve pocket, free of manual sealing. If you want to buy a semi-automatic dry powder mixer or a common dry powder mixer, although you save some money for a while, you have to manually seal it and manually measure it later; as time goes on, you will find that you use it for sealing and metering. The working hours can completely exceed the price of a packaging machine.

3. Purchase a dry powder mixer that meets the materials. For example, if a customer makes putty powder, then when choosing equipment, you can tell the manufacturer that the big box is not so thick. Just choose 2 thick or 3 thick, because the putty powder is the basic material. There is nothing to wear on. But the dry mortar is not the same, we all know that the sand wear is more powerful, so when choosing a dry powder mixer, the big box can be thickened below, the factory standard is 3 thick, we can make 4 thick .
If you have any questions about purchasing a dry powder mixer in the future, you can always consult us.

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