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How long is the service life of dry powder mixer

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The service life of the dry powder mixer is determined by many factors,such as the quality of the dry powder mixer equipment, the difference of the materials produced, the size of the production, the reasonable operation method, and the correct maintenance method all determine the service life.
First of all, the first point: equipment quality problems, some equipment manufacturers produce equipment is unreasonable, sometimes even 1 year without equipment will be scrapped, so choose an experienced manufacturer is absolutely reliable; second, The difference in materials also determines the service life. For example, dry mortar and putty powder, because the dry mortar contains sand, so the wear is more, and the putty powder is not the same, it basically has no wear and tear; the third point, the production of the belt Under the big amount, the machine must wear faster, because it must run longer. The fourth point, reasonable operation method, the upper side of the device is displayed, please refuel before use, it is forbidden to start full warehouse, this must be taken , do not burn or burn the motor; the last point, the correct maintenance method, the first correct maintenance method can not only extend and improve the service life and running quality of the dry powder mixer, but also better for the users. 
Therefore, the service life of the equipment is a comprehensive problem and is affected by many aspects. Shuguang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in industrial equipment. Welcome to contact Shuguang Heavy Industry.

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