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Daily maintenance of dry powder mixer

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The dry powder mixer is to mix the putty powder and various dry materials evenly. Pay attention to the maintenance to make the dry powder mixer have a longer service life and greatly reduce the failure and error rate. Then in the process of using the putty powder mixer, how to maintain, as the manufacturer,Shuguang Heavy Industry will talk about the daily maintenance of the dry powder mixer machine.
1. Before using the dry powder mixer, check whether the lines are normal. Pay special attention to whether the motor or electric appliance is hot or not. Do not overload the machine.
  2. Bearing wear, dry powder mixer equipment under long working conditions, bearing wear is inevitable, so the bearings should be regularly added lubricant to reduce the friction between the two, if the bearing wear is heavy, it is necessary to replace the new bearing in time, in order to reduce the failure rate of the putty powder mixing. 
Don't underestimate the daily maintenance of the dry powder mixer. When you operate the equipment,  because of these small knowledge , you can solve the problem well. At the same time,  when you do daily maintenance ,the dry powder mixer can fully function and the productivity will be greatly improved.

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