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How to do daily check work of the dry powder mixer

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It is most important for the operator to operate the dry powder mixer correctly and reasonably. The daily inspection of the machine can help us avoid the most troubles of the machine. So how should  you do the check work?
1.Check the lubricant condition
In the case of lubricating oil, before the start of the dry powder mixer, the condition of the lubricating oil is to ensure the sufficient amount of lubricating oil, and the premise of ensuring the efficient operation of the equipment. If the lubrication is insufficient,  the wear is large, which is not conducive to the efficient operation of the equipment. The greater the wear and tear, the greater the investment in cost.
2.Check the firmware of the dry powder mixer
The firmware problem of the dry powder mixer must be checked before the machine is turned on. If the bolts that fix the machine to the foundation are not loosened and not found in time, then vibration will occur in the production. Such phenomena may even cause the machine to detach from the base, which is not only unfavorable to production, but also extremely harmful to the safety of workers.
3.Check the guard of the dry powder mixer
 This device affects the normal work of the dry powder mixer and is related to the production. Safety problems, before starting the machine, be sure to check and solve it in case of abnormality to prevent accidental occurrence. 
This article mainly introduces the inspection work before the dry powder mixer is started. These work are to prevent the damage caused by some abnormal phenomena and ensure the smooth progress of the production. The inspection is mainly for lubrication and fasteners, as well as the protective device and the dry powder mixer chamber are inspected, and the abnormal phenomenon is dealt with in time to ensure the smooth progress of production. For other questions, please contact us whenever you need us.

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