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Dry powder mixer machine supplier for wholesale price

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Dry powder mixer machine suits for solidification of solid particle mixing and wet granulation,drying,crushing the concentration of composite material are mixed,widely used in chemical raw materials,paint,pharmaceutical raw materials,feed production.
1.Strong applicability,wide range of uses;
2.This machine on the particle size,material density difference has better effects;
3.High speed rotating flying group quickly dispersed material,break the agglomerated particles;
4.30 years production experience can ensure more cheaper price.
Machine supplier
Shuguang has a professional installation team; they are hardworking, industriously studying and brave in innovating. So far, they have successfully finished installation and commissioning tasks for thousands of large and small projects. Besides, our installation team also helps our customers train the operations staff, till they can operate the machinery independently.
Shuguang can offer 24*7*365 online engineer service and solve the problems for you ASAP. our after-sale service team spreads all over the world, they will deliver prompt and complete service to keep your job moving forward. The technicians of our team offer super service ranging from routine maintenance and accident repairs to customization and reconditioning.
Original spare parts are the heart of crushing and screening plant. we supplies quality original parts to protect your investment and our experienced product specialists can ensure you receive exactly what you need to get your equipment back.

E-mail : shuguangzhongji@163.com
Cel : 0086-13523465141 

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