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Best price for dry powder mixer machine

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The dry powder mixer is a machine that uniformly mixes two or more kinds of powder materials by mechanical force, gravity, or the like. The dry powder mixer can mix a variety of materials into a homogeneous mixture; it can also increase the contact surface area of ​​the material to promote chemical reaction; it can also accelerate physical changes, such as the addition of granular solute to the solvent, and accelerate the dissolution and mixing by the action of the mixing machine.
The dry powder mixer machine produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang can be installed with the outer spiral belt according to the customer's requirements. It is more suitable for the mixing of thick and paste; under the mixing requirements of different materials (special materials must be cleaned after each mixing), It adopts different spiral belt structure, can be heated and dried jacket type; can be equipped with special liquid atomizing nozzle; can be customized according to customer needs and practical experience of putty powder mixer; can be customized 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel putty powder mixer.
Zhengzhou Shuguang has nearly 30 years of production history, continuously optimizing the production process, and improving the production efficiency while ensuring the quality of the equipment, so we can provide the best price. And we have a dedicated after-sales team, if you encounter any problems during the production process, you can contact us at any time .

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