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Operation and maintenance of dry powder mixer machine

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The maintenance of the dry powder mixer machine is very important, and the quality of the maintenance directly affects the service life of the dry powder mixer. After the dry powder mixer machine is used, the residual material in the mixer and the feeder must be removed immediately, so that the sensing device is reset to zero; after the equipment is operated for a period of time, it is necessary to check each lubrication point to see if it needs to be added.
Temporarily idle the equipment, check whether the motor, geared motor and other components have overheating, abnormal noise, etc.; after completing the production work, it is necessary to clean the surrounding environment; check the various systems from time to time to check whether there is leakage, leakage and oil leakage, if necessary, deal with it immediately; at the discharge port of the dry powder mixer equipment, the residue should be cleaned frequently to avoid obstructing the normal operation of the equipment; air pressure is required after each work is completed. Internally accumulate water in the machine, gas tank and filter, and eliminate the faults during operation; regularly carry out maintenance work on the agitator, pneumatic butterfly valve device, air filter and other devices in the equipment according to the specifications.
Before each start-up, the equipment should be operated empty, check the direction of rotation of the mixing drum or the stirring blade, and the operation and braking of each working device should be confirmed before the production can be carried out. Strict implementation of the above inspections will ensure the operation of the equipment and its efficiency and operator safety.
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