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The preparations before dry powder mixer machine mixing

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As a kind of industrial equipment,dry powder mixer machine is widely used in production.To achieve the ideal mixing state, it's necessary to know about the preparations before its mixing. There are several steps before the use of mixed materials with dry powder mixer machine:
1.Ensure to know about the formulation of the mixed task and each powder better;
2.Detection and analysis of the physical characteristics of the mixture powder;
Treat mixed materials of various kinds to register as a physical index detection tabulation and analysis of the differences between various powder, if small differences, which can be directly mixing equipment,If the difference is large, we need to deal with the powder according to the specific situation to achieve the ideal state.
3. Mixed with the pre processing
The aim is to make the difference between the various powders narrow, so that they are more uniform.
Common practice: 
A. powder differences can be milled coarse powder processing.
B. the severity of powder difference when the heavy ground fly to deal with (this is because of the powder in the other conditions unchanged, and the smaller the particle size of the proportion of less).
4. The use of suitable dry powder mixer machine to implement the mixed process.

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