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What kind of development trend does Raymond Mill have

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Since its birth, Raymond Mill has always been the darling of the industry, and has been constantly updating, so what will it become in the future, the following is our development trend based on the current situation.

1. Energy saving and consumption reduction; energy saving and consumption reduction is the trend of the times. It is the unremitting pursuit of most mechanical equipment. With the emphasis on environmental protection and energy conservation by ordinary people, the development of low energy consumption and high environmental protection mill equipment has become the focus of many mill manufacturers. R&D direction requires improved manufacturing for key aspects such as zero pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption and mechanical life.


2. Intelligent; more intelligent and automated is a major development direction of Raymond Mill in the future. It should be developed in the direction of high reliability, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control. Raymond mill can adopt AC frequency conversion. Speed, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, configuration of milling process detection and microcomputer automatic control and other devices.


3. High-precision grinding; improving grinding precision and purity can better improve resource utilization, increase user profit, and improve the grinding precision of Raymond mill from grinding wheel size, main engine power, spindle speed, etc. Start, strengthen the accuracy of the analysis machine, improve the grinding system and so on.

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