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Wollastonite Raymond mill

Wollastonite Raymond mill

Wollastonite Raymond mill

Wollastonite Raymond mill

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The wollastonite particles are mainly irregular in shape. The crystals are lamellar growth, and barium sulfate crystals are attached to the surface of the particles. The ore minerals are mainly wollastonite and a small amount of iron siliceous rocks, accompanied by a small amount of wollastonite. The main component of the wollastonite is BaSO4, which is mainly used as the raw material for the production of barium salts in the chemical industry. At present, the traditional carbonation reduction method is usually used to reduce barium carbonate by the traditional carbonation reduction method.

Working principle

The principle of Raymond mill is that the grinding roller is pressed on the grinding ring tightly under the action of centrifugal force. The material is shoveled from the blade to the middle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring. The material is broken into powder under the action of the roller pressure. Then the powder is blown up through the analysis machine under the action of the fan, so as to reach the detailed material through the analysis machine. No longer required to return to the grinding chamber to continue grinding, separation and collection through the analysis of the material into the cyclone separator. The exhaust air is separated by industrial filter cloth and discharged into powder once.

Structure and Parts

It consists of the main engine, the analysis machine (powder separator), the pipe device, the blower, the finished cyclone separator, the Hubei crusher, the bucket elevator, the electromagnetic vibration feeder, the electric control motor and so on. Raymond mill is composed of frame, air inlet volute, scraper, grinding roller, grinding ring, shell and motor.

Wollastonite Raymond mill maintenance

1. Wollastonite Raymond mill should be operated by skilled personnel and familiar with the operation process.

2.Before making use of the equipment, it is necessary to formulate the maintenance and safety operation of the equipment and ensure the long-term operation of the machine.

3. Check the equipment in time before and after use. If there is a damaged place, change regularly to avoid the influence of the next step. Before use, the roller device should check whether the bolt and nut are loose, and whether the grease is added enough.

4.The lubrication oil of the bearing should be used correctly.


1.Small footprint, strong system performance and independent production system.

2.Compared with other equipment, the screening efficiency is high.

3.The mainframe transmission is stable and the operation is reliable.

4.The electrical system adopts centralized control, basically realizing unmanned operation, reducing labor intensity and convenient maintenance. As a manufacturer, our newly designed Raymond mill is more practical, the hardness and wear resistance of grinding rolls, grinding rings and shovels are improved, the service life is generally increased by more than two times, the production cost is reduced, the equipment runs smoothly and without abnormal phenomena, the sealing and lubrication performance of special lubricant paste is good, and the oil-saving is increased by 60%. Performance, operation rate is over 95%, output per hour is increased by over 40%, and economic benefit is good.

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