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Superfine grinding machine

Superfine grinding machine

Superfine grinding machine

Superfine grinding machine

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T7826 type pulverizer is silicon carbide powder processing for electronic industrial use and design of powder mill manufacturing, and is widely used in white corundum, talcum powder, activated carbon, calcium carbonate, carbon black pigment, etc.. This machine adopts multilevel, classification and application of frequency conversion technology control, product size distribution of uniform, accurate, high yieldo The machine has reasonable design, precision manufacturing, reliable operation, stable performance, operation is simple, easy maintenance and repair-The fig!! is in At.The a negative pressure state run, no powder pollution, improve the production envj,. machine is based on the original improvement and application of wear-resistant material, to extend the service lifeo

T7826 powder mill, with production capacity of 30-600 kg/ h, the following9.8 kinds of hardness, water content is less than5% of the non-metallic material grinding, can be used for abrasive, mines, chemical industry, ceramic, refractory, paint, coatings, cosmetics, paper, electronics etc......Various industry non ultrafine metal powder materia

Serialnumber Item Materialname
1 Crushingofrawmaterials Siliconcarbide,glass,calcium carbonate, kaolin,whitecorundum
2 hardnessmeteral
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