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Fluorite Raymond mill

Fluorite Raymond mill

Fluorite Raymond mill

Fluorite Raymond mill

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         Fluorite is a very valuable mineral resource and is widely used in industrial production. It is one of the materials used to make optical glass used in the lens. Fluorite can produce hydrofluoric acid after being processed by the ramen grinding parts. It is a key raw material for producing all kinds of organic and inorganic fluoride and fluorine elements. Our country began to intensify protection of fluorite ore, fluorite, crushing, grinding processing equipment will also affected in the process of such a wide range of integration, so improve the market application ability of fluorite Raymond mill, and other products, is for the masses of fluorite processing equipment enterprises put forward new task. The fluorite pulverizing equipment is gradually large, environmentally friendly and intelligent, and for this reason, our company has made technical improvements on the basis of the original Raymond mill, which is to produce a new type of fluorite Raymond mill. After fluorite Raymond grinding of fluorite powder used in chemical industry, rubber, ceramics, construction, building materials, after ultra-fine grinding machining superfine fluorite powder used more widely, has been widely used in the technology industry, such as military cable and high precision of smelting industry. Fluorite Raymond mill is working, will need to smash the fluorite from host cover side feeding mouth to join machines, rely on roller device of hanging on the host plum flower shelf, around the vertical axis of revolution, itself rotates at the same time, due to the effect of rotating centrifugal force when the roller swing outward, press in ring, the shovel knife scooping up material, to between grinding roller and grinding ring, and roller rolling to reach the goal of crushing material.

Serialnumber Item Materialname
1 Crushingofrawmaterials Fluorite
2 Hardnessofmaterial

Serial number Item Technical parameters Serial number Item Technical parameters
1 grindingroller ȼ260mm 7 fanmotor 22kw/2
2 grindingring specifications ȼ861mm 8 No.2gradermotor 7.5kw/2
3 grindingrollerand grindingringheight ȼ200mm 9 Aircompressor motor 4kw/4
4 enginespeed 160r/min 10 totalpower 61kw
5 Themainmotor 22kw/8 11 Dimensions 9000×3000×5000
6 No.1gradermotor 55kw/4

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