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Conveyor Belt

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Conveyor belt is also called belt conveyor which can be used independently or combine with other conveying machines to form a horizontal or slant conveying system. The conveyor belt is mainly used for conveying bulk materials or packed articles in such industries as metallurgy, coal, transportation, water and power electricity and chemistry and food processing and manufacturing process.
In the industrial production, conveyor belt is used as the bond for continuous production between the mechanical machines to realize the continuity and automation of the production line and improve the production efficiency and reduce the working strength. The conveyor belt manufactured by Shuguang Heavy Machinery has the advantages of big conveying quantity, long conveying distance, steady transportation, relative static state of the materials and the belt, low noise, simple structure, convenient repair, low energy consumption and standardized spare parts.
Conveyor Belt Structure
The conveyor belt is mainly composed of machine frame, conveying belt, belt roller, tension device and driving device. The machine body is connected by high-quality steel plate and on the machine body; there are belt roller and carrier roller to drive and support the conveying belt.Belt conveyor systems consist of two or more pulleys (a.k.a. drums). An endless loop of carrying medium—the conveyor belt— rotates about them. To move the belt and the material it carries forward, one or both pulleys are powered. The powered pulley is called “drive pulley,” the unpowered one is known as “idler pulley.” Belt conveyors in general material handling such as those moving boxes along inside a facility form a different class of belt conveyors from those that are used to transport large volumes of resources and industrial materials.
High carrying capacity and the length is customized
Anti-skidding design ensure that it works very well even in severe environment
Easy to operate and easy to maintain for it has simple structure
Different models for choice
Conveyor belt is widely used for transferring lump materials or manufactured products in mining, construction, metallurgical industries and other industries, for example, when coal, mineral ores, rock stones are crushed and some other products are packaged, our  conveyor belts can be used to transport them.

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