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Mobile conveyor wood crusher

Mobile conveyor wood crusher

Mobile conveyor wood crusher

Mobile conveyor wood crusher

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The mobile conveyor belt wood crusher is composed of hydraulic forced conveying feeding device, crushing device and fan. It integrates slicing and crushing, and can cut and crush branches and branches of 100-250mm diameter, logs, poplars, various Crushing and processing of large-scale materials such as miscellaneous wood, wooden boards, slabs, and scraps.

The mobile conveyor belt wood grinder adopts blade cutting and high-speed operation. It has dual collision crushing functions in one unit. Hydraulic forced feeding device, crushing blade cutting and smashing process, rotor rotates at high speed, rotates with the blade cutting direction, and the material cuts in the roller repeatedly. The material is subject to double crushing and the crushing rate is accelerated.

Mobile conveyor belt wood crusher equipment, considering the reduction of manual workload in the work of the shredder, the highlight is that it is equipped with a conveying device, which greatly reduces the labor level of the workers, saves time and labor, saves costs, and uses a hydraulic forced feeding setting. Driven by 4105 four-cylinder diesel engine, it has high horsepower, sufficient power, low energy consumption and high output. Zh

The scope of use of mobile conveyor wood shredder: can crush a lot of materials, logs, poplar, peach, tung wood, wood chips and wood strips, can also shred trimmed trunks and branches, and can also use this equipment for shredding treatment Bamboo, scrap, old furniture, waste wood and other materials.

Functional characteristics of mobile conveyor belt wood crusher

1. Reasonable structure, easy to install, equipped with hydraulic forced feeding system, equipped with conveying device, more humane, simple and convenient operation and maintenance;

2. It can be moved anywhere, suitable for field mobility work, which solves the problem of whether it can work normally without power;

3. Good chipping and crushing effects; low energy consumption, high output and high efficiency

4. Widely used in wood chip processing, chipboard, fiberboard and high-density board, paper preparation materials for paper manufacturing enterprises, more suitable for crushing branches and trees in large farms, forest farms, orchards and other sites.

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