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Mobile gypsum impact crushing plant

Mobile gypsum impact crushing plant

Mobile gypsum impact crushing plant

Mobile gypsum impact crushing plant

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Feeding Size:300-350mm

Mobile impact crushing plant is a kind of new rock crushing equipment,mainly used in metallurgy,chemical industry,building materials,water and electricity and other materials processing,often need to move operations especially for highway,railway,water and electricity engineering,such as liquidity stone operation,the user can according to the types of processing raw material,the requirements of different size and finished product material using a variety of configuration forms.

Working principle

When materials enter the impact zone of the plate hammer,they are broken by the high speed impact of the plate hammer,and are thrown to the counter device installed above the rotor,which is broken again,and then they are bounced back from the counterfoil to the impact zone of the plate hammer again.This process is repeated until the material is broken down to the required size and discharged from the lower part of the machine.Adjusting the gap between the counterattack frame and the rotor frame can change the material size and shape.The machine adpopts the spring safety device after the counter-attacking plate.When the non-crushing material enters the crushing chamber,the front and back counter-attacking frame retreats and the non-crushing material is discharged from the machine.

Impact mobile crushing station / advantages

Integrated whole unit

The mobile impact crushing plant integrated unit equipment installation form eliminates the complex site infrastructure installation operations of split components and reduces material and man-hour consumption.

Strong flexibility

The impact mobile crushing plant can be used independently, and it can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer's requirements for the type of materials and products in the process. The reasonable and compact space layout improves the flexibility of the site. Can be operated independently by a single unit, or can be flexibly formed into a system to configure unit operation.

Good mobility

The mobile impact crushing plant can be directly penetrated into the working site, which is suitable for ordinary road driving and also easy to move in rough and rough road environment.

Stable performance

The mobile impact crushing plant is equipped with a superior performance crusher, feeder and vibrating screen, which has stable performance and convenient maintenance. The material transportation is equipped with a conventional belt conveyor, which is simple to operate, mature in technology, low in investment and high in revenue.

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