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Wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine

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Wood shaving machine is suitable for rough wood, branches, sawdust and other waste wood,it has dust-free and environmentally frinedly system. It can be processed into sawdust at one time.The finished wood products are uniform in size and have less impurities. The size of the finished products can be adjusted according to the size of the built-in screen mesh and is suitable for a variety of materials. The crushed materials are widely used as the primary raw materials for biomass particles, wood-based panels, machine-made charcoal, organic fertilizers, etc., and can also be further processed into sawdust as a culture medium for edible fungi for breeding. It is also a raw material required by power plants, biomass pellet plants, and wood-based panel plants. It is also the equipment needed for landscaping work. It can operate without foundation, and the equipment can be operated when it is placed on the ground. It is driven by a single motor, which saves power and electricity.

The dust-free and environmentally friendly wood shaving is mainly composed of a trough-type feed conveyor, a crushing device, a lower discharge screw, a fan and a dust collector. The wood enters the crushing chamber through the feed trough conveyor and can be crushed in one step without drying. The crushed product naturally falls off to the lower storage bin of the host. The storage bin has a screw conveyor to send the crushed sawdust out of the crusher. . The air volume generated by the crushing is brought into the dust collector by the fan, so as to achieve perfect dust-free crushing work.

The original design of the dust-free and environmentally friendly wood shaving machine is to discharge the material without a fan. The crusher uses a perfect combination of the distance between the hammer and the screen of the crusher during the design. During crushing, the material in the entire crushing chamber will follow the hammer The tablet is cyclically turned in the crushing chamber. When the product is turned, the natural opening of the finished product will fall to the waiting bin under the crusher with the aperture of the screen. In order to crush the air volume generated by the crusher, we use a small induced draft fan. Excess wind removes the machine. This will ensure that there is no dust in the screw outlet of the grinder.

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