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Calcium hydroxide digester

Calcium hydroxide digester

Calcium hydroxide digester

Calcium hydroxide digester

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Product introduction

The digester is a high-efficiency digester developed and manufactured for the production line of calcium hydroxide equipment. It can make the digestion of raw materials more fully and improve the utilization rate of materials. It can effectively remove the hot steam and dust generated during the digestion process of quicklime in production. The treatment and purification ensures that there is no dust pollution on the site, and the steam outlet emission concentration reaches 30 mg per cubic meter of dust. This system can realize PLC automatic control and can be adjusted according to the requirements of the production process, which reduces the labor intensity of on-site workers, protects the health of on-site workers, and improves the production rate.

Performance advantages

Intelligent integrated solutions for users, intelligent manufacturing, safe production. Developed a complete set of high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment, which can save energy by 40% compared with common equipment and has high ore dressing efficiency. Dust removal is environmentally friendly, which effectively reduces the damage of dust to the staff and meets environmental protection standards. The appearance is sleek and novel, the color is beautiful, the running noise is low, and the equipment has high wear resistance.

Working principle

The quicklime enters the digester from the feed inlet to add water, and then undergoes double spiral digestion.At this time, a large amount of dusty steam is generated. The calcium hydroxide digester generates negative pressure through the fan to the water tank, and then sucks the dust-containing steam into the water tank through the draft tube.

In this way, dust meets water and precipitates, while steam meets water to become water.The formed precipitate is mixed with external water in the water tank and then pumped away by the water pump, and then water is added to the digester.In this way, the process of dust removal and recycling of the sewage after dust removal is realized, and the problem of low utilization rate of wet dust removal and secondary water pollution is solved.Dust-containing steam enters the water tank through multiple dust removal screens, and each screen has multiple small holes, so that the steam actually enters the water through the small holes.In this way, no dust will be taken away by the splashes of water blowing from each small hole, so as to achieve the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency.


The calcium hydroxide digester has reasonable structure, convenient operation, high production efficiency, large production capacity and low labor intensity. It is suitable for any quality of lime and has an efficient mixing ability.The output shaft of the geared motor is connected with the impeller shaft through a coupling, the impeller shaft is supported by the bearing seat, the impeller shaft extends into the sealing tube and the digester shell, and the sealing tube passes through the inside of the water tank;the part of the impeller shaft in the sealed tube is equipped with a spiral impeller;the part of the impeller shaft located in the digester shell is equipped with mixing blades;the upper part of the sealed pipe is equipped with a feed pipe. The opening of the feed pipe extends from the top of the water tank. The air inlet of the multi-stage flow aid fan is connected to the top of the digester shell. The top opening extends into the water tank;a water pump is installed inside the water tank, and the water pump communicates with the water supply pipe on the top of the digester shell through the water inlet pipe, and the water supply pipe is equipped with multiple nozzles;the bottom of the end of the digester shell is equipped with a discharge port.The utility model can reduce the pressure in the quicklime digester, increase safety, and completely solve the problems of serious environmental pollution by the steam generated during quicklime digestion and uneven feed of the digester.

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