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Dry powder mixer

Dry powder mixer

Dry powder mixer

Dry powder mixer

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Product introduction

Dry powder mortar mixer, also known as dry powder mortar mixer, is the use of mechanical force and gravity, such as two or more than two kinds of powder evenly mixing machine. Dry mortar mixer can be combined with a variety of materials into a homogeneous mixture; also can increase the material contact surface area, in order to promote chemical reactions; also can accelerate the physical changes, such as adding granular solute solvent by mechanical mixing effect can accelerate the dissolution of mixing.

Dry mortar mixer equipment to meet different performance requirements of dry mortar, dry powder materials, such as the production of dry binder, such as putty powder, powder coating, paint, masonry plastering mortar, thermal insulation system for all kinds of dry powder mortar mortar, mortar and other decoration; and has the advantages of small occupation, less investment and quick, simple operation etc..

Performance characteristics

Dry mortar mixer is a new type of professional powder mixing equipment, currently in the market has won great acclaim, especially in equipment from vertical mixing to horizontal mixing principle improvement, steady improvement in production efficiency, make the equipment more users into the hands of. At present, the horizontal dry powder mortar popular in the market has the following characteristics:

1, mixing speed, the use of multi-layer spiral mixing, the overall movement of materials, speed, high yield, the average mixing time in 5-10 minutes;

2, the use of a machine, but also can produce thermal insulation mortar, putty and plaster and stone etc.

3, maintenance rate is low, bearings in the mixer at both ends, the material is not easy to enter, equipped with cycloid pin wheel reducer, low maintenance rate.

4, mixing uniformity is high, the material multi-directional movement, multilayer spiral belt, mixing without dead angle, high uniformity, good quality;

5, small footprint, automatic feeding device, improve work efficiency.

6, round cylinder structure, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, wide range of applications.

Working principle

Agitator structure design of horizontal ribbon mixer into the dry mortar of three layers of inner and outer spiral blade, hybrid machine, spiral inner and outer drive material in cylinder turning, internal screw drive near the axis of the material to the axis of rotation, to push from the inside to the sides, the material is pushed to the wall; the outer spiral drive near the cylinder wall materials the axis of rotation, axial push from both sides to the inside, the material is to make internal aggregation of helical ribbon agitator in the cylinder maximum range of turning materials, the material in the convective circulation in the tube, shear mixing, complete material evenly and quickly in a short time mixing.

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