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How to Maintain Vertical Roller Mill

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Vertical roller mill has irreplaceable advantages in grinding materials. We all know that good daily maintenance is of great benefit to prolong the service life of equipment and reduce the production cost. So how to do the daily maintenance of vertical roller mill?
1. After six months of continuous use of vertical roller mill, the washable parts everywhere should be dismantled and washed for a comprehensive maintenance, and then replaced with clean lubricating oil. At the same time, the smooth condition of oil passage should be carefully checked. If problems are found in the process of dismantling and washing, it should be repaired in time.
2. When the deformation of the roller is found in the process of use, it must be stopped and repaired.
3. When the number of roller grinding is too many and the diameter of roller is smaller than the requirement, there will be a phenomenon that the transmission gears are tightened and there are gaps between the rollers. At this time, the gears must be corrected.
4. The edge of the discharging blade should be carefully corrected before installation. It should be polished and smooth. It is absolutely unusable if there are spills and cracks. When the blade is short, the countersunk head screw can be loosened and removed for reuse.
5. The paint film in the middle of the drum is thin and thick at both ends. It may be convex in the drum. It is necessary to adjust the amount of cooling water.
6. The paint film at both ends of the drum is thin and the paint film in the middle is thick. It is necessary to reduce the amount of cooling water.
7. No driving without cooling water.
8. It is strictly forbidden to enter foreign bodies (such as metal blocks) in the middle of two rollers. If foreign bodies are inadvertently entered, emergency parking will be taken out. Otherwise, the roll surface or other parts will be damaged.
9. Always pay attention to adjusting the front and rear rollers. Because of the linear expansion of the drum, it is easy to die when working carelessly and even cause accidents when braking the motor.
10. Copper baffle (tip) should not be pressed too tightly. Lubricating oil (which can be dissolved in the paint slurry) should be added at any time, otherwise it will wear quickly.
11. Pay attention to the bearing temperature at both ends of the roller, generally not more than 100.

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