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Structure chart of vertical roller mill

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Our understanding of a kind of equipment is not only through the its advantages and working principles, but also through its structure chart. For vertical roller mill, the understanding of its structure chart can let people clearly understand its internal structure, so as to better understand the equipment, which is more convenient for its production and later maintenance. Look at the structure diagram of the machine.
The structure chart of vertical roller mill is mainly as follows. From this chart, it can be seen that there are many parts in the vertical roller mill, and there are clear labels for these different parts. These different parts play a great role in the production of the machine. Through the understanding of the structure chart of the machine, the staff can better understand the material in the vertical roller mill and the role of different parts in processing.
In addition, for the understanding of the structure chart of the machine, it can be better to deal with its maintenance, understand the role of these different parts in production, can clearly understand which parts are vulnerable parts, which can be very good for maintenance work. In addition to the understanding of this structure chart, it can also better realize the replacement operation of parts of vertical roller mill.
We know that the machine has many models, these different models can achieve different material processing process, but its general structure and production principle are the same, after understanding its structure,we introduce the function of these different parts in production through the working principle of vertical roller mill.
The main motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, while the hot air enters the grinding body from the air inlet, and the material falls into the center of the grinding disc through the inlet port. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the center of the grinding disc to the edge. 
When passing through the grinding roller area on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding rollers, and the bulk materials are crushed directly, while fine materials are crushed to form a bed for intergranular crushing. After crushing by vertical roller mill, the material continues to move towards the edge of the grinding disc until it is carried away by the strong air flow in the wind ring.
In the material brought by the air flow, the larger particle material falls back to the grinding disc under the action of its own gravity and continues to crush.The other materials enter the high-efficiency dynamic separator with air flow for powder classification. Under the action of the blade of the high-efficiency dynamic separator, the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements are returned to the grinding disc for grinding. The materials that meet the fineness requirements are collected in the pulse precipitator with air flow through the pipeline and discharged through the discharging device as finished powder.
If the material containing iron block is mixed into the main machine of vertical roller mill, when it moves to the edge of the mill disc, it cannot be blown up by wind because of its heavy weight. When it falls into the lower chamber of the mill, the scraper installed at the bottom of the mill disc is scraped into the slag discharge port and discharged from the outside of the main machine.
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