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Maintenance skill of vertical roller mill

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As an impartant part of vertical roller mill,the fan is related to the fineness and quality of powder in grinding. The service life of fan will affects the economic benefit of users,which also affects the efficiency and quality of grinding powder. Here, Shuguang makes a brief summary of the maintenance skills of the vertical roller mill. 
1. In the connection of the vertical roller mill and the separator, different types of equipment need to take different forms of connection. If the connection is different, the maintenance features of vertical roller mill are also different.
For example, if the vertical roller mill and the separator adopt a soft connection form, in general, there will be no abnormal noise in the milling operation. It is important to note that in the process of installation of vertical roller mill, special spring devices can be added to achieve better connection effect. At the same time, we should pay attention to the wear and tear of the vulnerable parts, and prolong the life of the vertical roller mill.
2. We should pay attention to the wear condition of the fan according to the powder condition when we use vertical roller mill powder. Check the fan for wear and tear when the limestone is rough and rough. Once the blade of the vertical roller mill is found to wear badly, repair or replace it immediately, so as not to affect the quality of the mill powder.
3. With the extension of the use time of the vertical roller mill, some of the crushed material or residue will inevitably be attached to the fan during the grinding process. In the case of high speed operation of vertical roller mill, the adhesive material dust can affect the balance of the operation of the fan. Therefore, in the process of our normal use, we must regularly clean the wind pages of the vertical roller mill to ensure the best performance of the fan.
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