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How to solve the common problems of vertical roller mill

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The vertical roller mill is widely used in hard stone materials powder grinding, so there are many reasons can cause the grinding mill damage, and there are many common problems we will meet when we use the vertical roller mill process the stone materials. Let’s see how to solve these questions.
1.Roller Bearing Wear
Roller bearing grinding machine assembly requirements more stringent, firms generally use the bearing assembly cooled in dry ice method. Between the bearing and the bearing chamber once the gap, will affect the normal operation of bearing, lead to bearing fever, burning phenomenon will lead to serious bearing. Shuguang machinery technique is fast, easy to operate features, many cases can repair.
2. Reducer Leakage Control
The vertical roller mill reducer leakage not only affect the appearance of the machine, and waste oil, for equipment repair and maintenance a lot of trouble. Rapidly solidified material with 3223 rubber repair materials can not stop, field management, the leakage of simple operation, good treatment effect.
3. Grinding Mill Roller&Liner Wear Repair
The vertical roller mill body and abrasion mill lining board in the use process, once the fit clearance, will enable the body and the liner wear, coupled with hot air and cement particles on the surface scouring, lead groove, impact collisions between the body and the lining board, serious when the lining crack and even fracture damage to the machine, especially the gear reducer, damage, cause the malignant event.
When such problems occurs, the general repair methods are difficult to solve, costly replacement. Polymer mechanical properties of composite materials with excellent and good plasticity, so that the problem can be solved.
Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery, as a professor of roller mills’ R&D and manufacturing for many years, no matter what kinds of problems you are suffering, welcome to leave your message on our website, we will arrange our customer manager contact you for the first time.

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