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Working Principle and Advantages of Vertical Roller Mill

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It's clear thar vertical roller mill is more and more popular among superfine stone powder making factory,which accounts for a large proportion in stone stone powder making machines market.Well, do you know about its working principle and advantages,this text will introduce the working principle of vertical roller mill.
Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill
When the raw materials are released and transmitted by the feeding belt conveyor from the raw material hopper, with the weight of the materials being controlled by the belt scale and the tramp iron in the materials being removed by the iron remover. Subsequently, the materials are sent to the elevator, via the air lock valve and screw conveyor, into the mill interior for pulverization. After pulverization, the qualified powder separated from the powder classifier is transmitted into the tank-type pulse dust collector, then after the screw conveyor and discharge valve they are transported to the final product hopper, packed ans sold directly.
Advantages of Vertical Roller Mill
1. High grinding efficiency: save 20~30% power consumption compared with the ball mill. With the increasing of moisture content, it can save more and more electricity.
2. Strong drying capacity: dry and grind raw materials with moisture content as much as 15%.
3. Mutifunction: crushing, drying, grinding, separating and conveying.
4. Low noises and little dust: no direct contact between the grinding rollers and grinding disc, so metallic impact is avoided and its noises is 20~25 decibels lower. Totally closed negative pressure operation has employed by this vertical grinding mill, so there is no dust during the operation.
5. Low wear rate and little metallic pollution: its metal wear is only 5~10g/t.

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